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A livly that is a powerful jumper. It hops around energetically. It has a tendency to be a bit particular, but it is also very cheerful. Its physical composition can handle both heat and cold well. When it sleeps, it lengthens and expands its tail and then wraps it around its own body. Could be considered one of the easier livlies to take care of.
Your personality type is...
personal explaneImgVery sociable and gain energy from interacting with other people
personal explaneImgEnjoys helping others
personal explaneImgKind, loyal, devoted, and supportive in relationships
personal explaneImgPerfect listener
personal explaneImgWarm-hearted and empathetic
personal explaneImgTry to balance between friends and put energy into personal-relationships
personal explaneImgSensitive to the needs and feelings of others
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