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A livly that tends to be somewhat chaotic. Brimming with curiosity and having little sense of caution, its penchant for dangerous behavior can sometimes result in injury or breaking things. Loves sweets and sometimes gets a stomach ache from snacking on human food. Being powerful jumpers, some will use their large ears to glide through the air. Although, they do tend to be obedient to their owners.
Your personality type is...
personal explaneImgReceives energy from socializing
personal explaneImgCreative and inspirational
personal explaneImgTends to be warm and passionate in a relationship and have a wide circle of friends
personal explaneImgGood at understanding what other people are feeling
personal explaneImgLove spending time with other people but also need to spend some time alone
personal explaneImgEasily bored by repetition and seek out situations that offer creativeness
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